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Here is the place to find out about the latest developments, releases and exciting events surrounding Back From Mars. We hope you enjoy this exclusive insight into our creative journey.


Patrick Dehmer interviewed by Alf-TV

Christoph Büchli-Sen from ALF-TV interviewed our singer Patrick Dehmer in the programme «Lebenswege (Paths of Life)».

Interview in German 


30 years after their debut, Betterworld are now called Back From Mars

Between 1991 and 1995, the Swiss band Betterworld released 3 albums and reached number 11 in the Swiss charts in 1992 with the song "La Luna". With 3 original members, "Back From Mars" are the new "Betterworld", and their album "Delayed" could also have been made in the 80s.

Podcast in German resp. Swiss German


Betterworld is Back From Mars

32 years after their hit "La Luna", the Baden-based rock band Betterworld makes a promising comeback under the new name Back From Mars.

Article in German 

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